Bernardo M. Ferdman, Ph.D.

Specializing in diversity and inclusion, multicultural and Latino/a leadership,
& Bringing Your Whole Self To WorkTM


California School of Professional Psychology










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Bernardo is an accomplished Leadership and Organization Development Consultant with more than 28 years of experience working with diverse groups and organizations to increase individual and collective effectiveness.



Marshall Goldsmith presents me with the Outstanding International Scholar-Practitioner Award on behalf of the Marshall Goldsmith School of Management at Alliant International University, Nov. 2006:






At CaliforniaSpeaks:

Welcoming Fabian Núñez, Speaker of the California State Assembly, to the stage.


On stage with Carolyn Lukensmeyer, lead co-facilitator and President and Founder of AmericaSpeaks.

Selected writing on inclusion, by Bernardo Ferdman:

·         "Inclusion starts with knowing yourself"

·         "Self-knowledge and inclusive interactions"

·         "The slippery slope of inclusion"

·         "Inclusion and cultural transitions"

·         Dancing with resistance: Leadership challenges in fostering a culture of inclusion. (Chapter in K. M. Thomas, Ed., Diversity resistance in organizations, C  co-authored with Ilene C. Wasserman and Placida V. Gallegos.)

·         Creating and sustaining diversity and inclusion in organizations: Strategies and approaches. (Chapter in M. S. Stockdale & F. J. Crosby, Eds., The psychology and management of workplace diversity, co-authored with Evangelina Holvino and Deborah Merrill-Sands, D.)

·         A Matter of Difference (Articles with Martin N. Davidson)

o    Diversity and inclusion: What difference does it make?

o    Diversity and drawing the line: Are some differences too different? (Or: who's in, who's out, and what difference does it make?).

o    Inclusion: What can I and my organization do about it?

o    Inclusion and power: Reflections on dominance and subordination in organizations.

o    Accounts of inclusion (and exclusion).

o    Making the tough calls: Negotiating exclusion in inclusive and diverse organizations.

o    Here and there: A conversation about identity.

o    Some learning about inclusion: Continuing the dialogue.

·         Cultural identity and diversity in organizations: Bridging the gap between group differences and individual uniqueness. (Chapter in M. M. Chemers, S. Oskamp, & M. A. Costanzo, Eds., Diversity in organizations: New perspectives for a changing workplace)

Selected writing on Latinos and Latino identity, by Bernardo Ferdman:

·         Identity orientations of Latinos in the United States: Implications for leaders and organizations. (Article in Business Journal of Hispanic Research, with Placida Gallegos)

·         The Paradox of Latino Leaders: Interview of Bernardo Ferdman by Marshall Goldsmith for his column on, Marshall & Friends.

·         Latinos and racial identity development. (Chapter in C. L. Wijeyesinghe & B. W. Jackson III, Eds., New perspectives on racial identity development: A theoretical and practical anthology, with Placida Gallegos)

·         Values about fairness in the ethnically diverse workplace. (Article in Business and the Contemporary World: An International Journal of Business, Economics, and Social Policy)

·         Crossing borders: The experience of a Mexican American HR manager in a maquiladora. (Case study in E. E. Kossek, S. A. Lobel, & R. Oh, Eds., Managing diversity: Human resource strategies for transforming the workplace. A field guide, with Placida Gallegos)

·         Culture and identity among Hispanic managers in an Anglo business. (Chapter in S. B. Knouse, P. Rosenfeld, & A. Culbertson, Eds., Hispanics in the workplace, with Angilica Cortes)